Some interesting projects I've done over the years

Bandemonium (source)

This was an entry to the Clojure cup 2015 and is a synthwave-themed music performance application.

You can choose between drums, bass and synth and use your computer keyboard (or use your own MIDI keyboard!) to play retro-futuristic sounds.

This was also used as a stress test for franz: a ClojureScript persistent event-log library (inspired by Kafka).

This Clojure application is used by WorksHub to maintain an open source repository which contains their frontend in sync with the main repo of the organization. This is particularly useful as it allows for external contribution to the frontend, while keeping the development workflow unchanged for the internal developers.


Harmony (source)

This game written with re-frame is a reimplementation of a classic Flash game, Loops of Zen.

Other than the version you can try in your browser, I have also made a React-Native application using re-natal.

This project combines my interests for open-source software and open hardware into a weather station with an external unit for outdoor data.

The source includes the hardware schematics for the prototype, the Arduino software and the 3d-printed enclosure I designed.

Weather Station (source)